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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What the (Federal) Goverment Should Do ---

1) Eliminate the IRS --very unfair to the middle class and poor who pay the bulk of the taxes. Instead, institute a national sales tax...exception: fresh (non-processed) food. Everything else gets taxed.

2) Stop engaging in war with small countries--use that money to develop sustainable alternative energy (NOT NUCLEAR).

3) Funnel immigrants and illegal aliens to towns that are small or dying - present ANYONE who wants one with a TWO YEAR live/work visa. However, in two years the immigrant must learn English and pass a basic citizen test and if they don't they immediately get deported--no exceptions. Also, to save money and trees, eliminate all translations of government generated documents, both federal and state--if a culture wants something in their language, it will be at their expense.

4) Eliminate the public school system as it now stands. It is a gross failure (read Lewis Perelman's School's Out - The End of Education). The current public schools system is antiquated, inefficient, and ineffecive-and expensive! Anyone who has any money sends their children to private school and not public school and for good reason! The best schools are small schools with parental involvement.

5) All laws regulating the purity of our air, water, soil, and ocean should be very stringent, enforceable with heavy fines, and jail sentences. Anyone compromising air, water, soil, and ocean quality should be considered a criminal and prosecuted as such. This is something we all share as citizens, and depend on for our life, including animal and plant life.

6) No cost health care for everyone -- how to pay for it? Put a double tax on processed foods, junk food (anything with artificial flavorings, colorings, etc.) fast food, cigarettes, alcohol --e.g. anything that compromises a person's health. In addition, the taxes raised will go in large part to establish neighborhood clinics, that both treat patients and educate them to live a healthy lifestyle. Prevention (and personal responsibility) is key to saving money on health care!

7) Anyone with an ethics violation should be immediately dismissed from government service and prohibited from having contracts with the government. All contracting should be open to all and transparent.

8) Empty the prisons of persons convicted of drug use crimes. Using drugs should be a personal choice (like alcohol). People will use drugs whether they are legal or not, therefore take the profit out of drug dealing by making them legal--all of them! Most drugs are cheap to make or easy to procure, or even free (e.g. marijuana)If there is no profit in drugs, the black market will simply collapse, as drug users/buyers are currently paying high prices for drugs simply because of the social/legal risks involved (e.g. they are against the law).

9) Ban the manufacture and sales of all assault weapons and hand guns--basically all guns other than those used for hunting game. Gun owners should pass a safely course in order to get their gun license. Anyone caught owning/carrying a gun other than one used specifically for hunting should be heavily fined. If a person uses a gun for other than hunting legal game they will receive an automatic jail sentence-added to whatever other crime they might have committed.

10) Lastly, the federal government should not trade with any country that violate human rights.