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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Government by, for, and, of the people?

From "Great Tales from English History" by Robert Lacey - Little Brown and Company c2006)
(page 11)
"By then, people were coming to see that Locke had put into words the essential values of the Glorious Revolution--and particularly in his Two Treatises on Civil Government that he published anonymously in 1690. Government, he wrote, may not 'levy taxes on the people' without 'the consent...of their representatives'. No government, he argued, could be considered legitimate unless grounded in the consent of the people--any ruler who attempted to exercise abitrary power 'is to be considered the Common enemy and Pest of mankind and is to be treated accordingly'."

The problem is our leadership.

I belive we had no right to go to a foreign country and kill innocents in the name of finding and bringing to justice certain "terrorists," e.g. those resonsible for 9-11 and other attacks around the world. The problem with war is that it doesn't discriminate between the real culprits and innocent bystanders. Finding those responsible should be conducted like a criminal investigation--not simply shooting idly into a crowd merely hoping you will hit the criminal element. For some reason, Kent State comes to mind. The military seems to have that kind of mentality: "Shoot first, ask questions later."

My Daughter's Reflection on Time

To my friends with whom I am greatful to share my time and those with whom I wish I had more time with:The most important thing I learned from attending my 2nd cousin's funeral, even as the pastor dropped the first letter of the word, even through all of my family's tears, even through the newly broken tension I had with my sister was how priceless Time is, or as the pastor said it -ime. It was easily deciphered because it makes so much sense. It really is the one thing in this life that we can't get back. Just be aware of how you spend this invaluable asset. Enjoy your time, do something everyday that makes you immensely happy. Spend as much of YOUR time with the people who make you feel good. Sometimes it is hard to explain who or what makes you happy but you know the feeling when you get it! I know it is easier said than done but please try not to waste your time, if not for you then for the people that you make happy. Take a moment to think about where you are; the space you are in, how far along you are in life, are you doing what you love? Is what you are doing making you happy? Do those who you give so much of your time to value you? Is what you are doing worth your time? Remember you can't get it back......However, you can cherish each moment starting now. Your time is what you make of it.With love,Lilly